Who We Are

FlyDigital helps brands tell their story using top relevant social influencers. We develop and manage Creative Influencer marketing strategies to effectively spread out your brand’s story and reach millions of people. We are the intermediary between Brands and influencers.

Why influencer marketing?

What We Do

Increase in share of voice

Stronger  brand equity

Efficiency  improvements  for marketing  team

Increase in  qualified leads from higher  web traffic

Better return  on social advertising

Better visibility into trends and market needs

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not doing influencer marketing today, your brand is out of step with the way  your customers make their buying decisions. Word of mouth plays a huge role in a wide  variety of markets, and its domination will continue as advertising noise levels grow. If you  went through the business case exercise above, you saw how influencer marketing  can increase sales; drive more high-quality, paid, organic, and direct traffic to your site;  and help you identify trends first. On top of that, if your competitors are probably already  investing in influencer marketing, you simply can’t afford to wait.

At flydigital we use sophisticated softwares to determine the authenticity of our influencers followers, if we identify an influencer with fake followers we would remove them from our platform immediately

Brands create the campaign briefs and from those, Influencers create the posts. Brands can be represented by anyone from PR Agencies to Media Agencies. Brands can also create content, but for maximum impact we encourage influencer generated content

Hand-picking Influencers is like trying to target individual buyers on Jumia. flydigital uses automated software to select influencers that that fit your brands profile and have audience that are exactly what you are looking for. We have the biggest pool of influencers in Nigeria (not to brag). If you have particular prefence of influencers then they would also be selected for the campaign

Actually, influencer marketing is a great way to start building out your social  presence. By identifying the right influencers, understanding their views, and engaging with  them, you’ll be in a position to create relevant content and engage with your prospective  customers in a meaningful way.