We are the experts in digital influencer marketing

FlyDigital is a Global Influencer Marketing agency with the largest exclusive talent network in the industry. We specialize in creating content through our influencers in the most organic way possible.
Integrate your brand on social media with top influencers on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube & Twitter

Our Services

FlyDigital offers a great opportunity to align your brand with  your customers’ decision making processes and gain a competitive edge. It can increase  sales, drive more high-quality paid, organic and direct traffic to your site and pages, increase the chances of virility for your campaigns, and help you identify trends first.

PR and communications

With our vast number of registered influencers with huge following and strong authority and influence PR is just a piece of  cake

Product launches

Define the space in which your product fits and we would profile the appropriate influencer network for the job. Then we build a tailored strategy for compelling communication.

Social advertising

Using our list of 2500 influencers and reach of over 7million Nigerians we can advertise your brand on social media, blogs, and other networks using subtle or in your face influencer marketing (depending on your campaign)

Reputation Marketing

Most online purchasers rely  greatly on positive reviews to make buying decisions, the POV of our influencers are greatly revered and go a long way in influencing purchasing decisions.

Event marketing

Using the most relevant influencers to speak or help  with audience recruitment. Create a referral program to drive registrations.  Extend the value of physical events into social channels and create  momentum with social chats before the event

Agency Research

Drive your business by shaping educated  pitches to clients based on influencer data. Review influencer maps with  clients to shape strategy and drive better results for paid projects.